General Rules


All Entries must be submitted either online OR on an Official Encore Registration Form. Faxed Entries will be accepted only on the Official Encore Registration Form with a credit card payment.


Registration Fees are available for Studio Directors and Teachers only.
Registration Fees may be found on the “Encore Exec” Tab from the home page or…..
Existing Studios, please click the “Get Started” button below to login to your studio and view our 2017 fees.
New Studios, please click the “Get Started”  button below to create your studio account, username, and password.   Once your studio has a login and password, you will have access to pricing.

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*No Independent entries will be accepted.


Encore does NOT accept business OR personal checks.

1. All fees must be paid by credit card, cashiers check or money order.
All studio registrations must include payment.
All fees are non-refundable.

2. SPECIAL TEACHERS ONLY ONLINE SECTION – Encore’s website offers a TEACHERS ONLY section exclusively for you.  Log in and register today! (Login will be the same as your “Online Studio Registration” username and password).


Encore will conduct business with Studios only. No parents should call the Encore office for any reason. Any parent inquiries regarding schedules, etc., should be directed to the participating studio, not Encore.

Schedule of Competition

A time schedule will be posted on the web site 7 days prior to the competition. Encore does not have a general format for scheduling at our regional competition. Every regional schedule is based on the breakdown of entries by division level and type (solo, duo/trio, groups, line and productions) for that particular city. Dancers must be ready to perform 1 ½ hours before their scheduled time.

Changes to Schedule

Once the schedule is released/posted, no studio, teacher or parent may request a performance to be rescheduled. Encore Showcase does not hold or move an entry unless it is a legitimate costume change problem.
Please note: if you have a special scheduling request for a particular entry, the request must be in writing at the time the entry is submitted. We will do our best to accommodate special requests but this is not guaranteed.

“Special Scheduling Request” entries that do not perform before the respective awards ceremony will be adjudicated only and will not be eligible for High Score Awards and Cash.


For the positive benefit of your dancers, the teacher determines adjudication level of each routine.

Training equals all class and rehearsal time. We trust teachers judgment and appreciate your honesty in placing your dancers in the appropriate Division level.   Division levels have been created to allow dancers to fairly compete with dancers of like skill sets and experience.  

Technical Specifics and Guidelines

I – Beginner Dancers – Recreational/Beginner level dancers with 3 hours or less of training per week and little to no competition experience.

II – Intermediate Dancers – Dancers who have progressed beyond a Beginner level with approximately 4-7 hours of training per week.   Dancers in Division 2 typically have some competition experience.  

III – Advanced Dancers – All advanced technique allowed. 8 or more hours of training per week.

IV – Teacher/Pro/Am – A “professional” derives 50% of their income from teaching, performing and/or choreography. Any teachers must compete in Div. 4. (Div 4 not eligible for High Score Cash Award)

*Routines entered in “Incorrect” Divisions are NOT eligible for High Score and will be moved to the Division Level that the judges feel is appropriate for the dancer/routine.

TypeTime LimitMax # of Dancers 
Solo2:45 min (limit 3 solos per dancer)  
*Soloists must compete all solos in the same Division Level
*Duo/Trios must compete all D/T in the same Division Level
Small Grp.3:004-9 dancers 
Large Grp.4:0010-18 dancers 
Line4:0019+ dancers 
Production4:00 – 8:00 max.19+ dancers 
20 Point Deduction For Exceeding The Time Limit

A routine can be lengthened upon payment of Extended time fees, which are as follows:

Solo – $5 for up to an additional 30 seconds
Duo/Trio – $5 per person for up to an additional 30 seconds
Small Group – $5 per person for up to an additional one (1) minute
Large Group – $5 per person for up to an additional one (1) minute
Line – $5 per person for up to an additional one (1) minute
Production – $5 per person for up to an additional one (1) minute

All time limits include set-up and tear down. PROPS: The placement of props, mats, etc., must be completed within one (1) minute. The timing of the act will begin after the one (1) minute prep time. No form of liquid, gel, glitter, water,  or any other substance may be used that would affect the dancing surface. Absolutely no items may be thrown or shot off the front of the stage. Performers must be prepared to completely clear the stage in the event of any loose items (feathers, streamers, etc.) Absolutely no littering of the stage is allowed. Any violation of the above rules will result in the act not being eligible for the High Score.
No Changes (Division, Age or Group) will be allowed after Monday the week of the competition.


As of first day of showcase. Please average ages.
Half years round up to the next year.

  • 4 & under
  • 5 – 6
  • 7 – 8
  • 9 – 10
  • 11 – 12
  • 13 – 15 “Teen”
  • 16 – 19 “Senior”
  • 20 & over (not eligible for High Score or Cash Awards)

Adjudication Criteria

  • Technique: 40%
  • Performance: 40%
  • Choreography: 10%
  • Overall Impression: 10%


  • Acrobatic -Routine consisting of dance choreography along with controlled moves such as headstands, walk-overs, tensicas, and contortion work.
  • Ballet / Pointe – Ballet or Pointe techniques. Ballet or Pointe shoes only.
  • Ballroom – Variety of social dances performed by couples.
  • Character – Easily recognized character is portrayed. May incorporate any style of dance technique.
  • Clogging – Clogging techniques. Clogging shoes only.
  • Contemporary  – Contemporary dance style choreography
  • Dance Team – Precision choreography that also incorporates dance techniques.
  • Hip Hop / Funk – Street style of jazz that incorporates contemporary and fad dance trends.
  • Jazz – Primarily jazz techniques, utilizing up-tempo music.
  • Lyrical – Combination of jazz, modern and ballet techniques.
  • Modern – Modern dance style choreography
  • Musical Theatre – “Broadway” or movie musical style of dance and/or song.
  • Open – Will not fall under any other dance category. A combination or blend of multiple dance styles. Routines containing more than three acrobatic passes should perform in the Open Category.
  • Pom Pom / Cheer / Dance Team – Pom poms and pom pom techniques.
  • Tap – Tap techniques.

Title Awards

Miss and Mr Encore:   Title awards entries will be judged during their regular solo performance, but will also be entered into a separate award category. Only 3 solos per person can be entered for Miss/Mr. Encore.   Title awards will be given in the Petite, Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions.

Click here to view more about our title awards.

Photogenic:  Photos and Photogenic entry fees will be accepted on-site only.   Please do not mail photos to the Encore office.   One picture per photogenic entry  (5″x7″ minimum).     Dancers may submit up to 3 photos per regional city.   Photogenic awards will be given in the Petite, Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions.    Photos will not be returned.

Click here for Regional Photogenic Entry form. Photogenic payments and photo submissions will be done on-site.


NEW: Encore is shifting to an electronic music file upload system for all routine entries. Studios can upload and access their own music via the Encore website (


  • You will be able to upload your music as soon as your entries are registered.
  • Music uploads will be closed 10 days prior to the first day of competition. Encore will not accept or replace the music after the music upload portal is closed. Encore will only accept a back-up media source (CD, iPod) on-site if there are technical difficulties.
  • Acceptable formats include: MP3, M4A, and MP4 files. The maximum file size is 50MB.
  • Please ensure that the music you upload is DRM free.
  • Each music file must be labeled with song title and Encore’s assigned routine entry number.
  • Pitch level and speed of music cannot be controlled at the event. Please be sure to upload the correct version for your dancers performance.
  • Each studio is required to bring a back-up CD, iPod or USB for all routines that have been registered. Back-up media can be submitted to the Encore M.C. if technical difficulties do occur.



Gold, High Gold, Ultra High Gold, Platinum.

NEW! Digital judge’s commentary.  Also, a separate “Teachers Only” commentary for Dance Professionals ears only.


Separate judges critique for each routine. Judges critiques must be picked up at the end of the event – items will not be mailed.

Encore Dollar Awards

Encore Dollars have no cash value.  Encore dollars may be used for Encore Registration Fees at our National Finals Competition within the same calendar year in which the Encore dollars were received.   Encore Dollars may be applied as a credit on National Registration fees only for the routine which received the award.

Adult groups 20 years and over will be adjudicated only and are not eligible for any High Score Awards or Encore Dollars.

Soloists cannot place more than once in Overall High Point awards.

A minimum number of 10 routines per Type/Division Level/Age Group (Petite, Jr, Teen, Sr) must be entered for Encore Dollars to be awarded in Solo, Duo/Trio & Small Groups.

Five Routine minimum for Encore Dollars  in Large Group/Line. Three Routine minimum for Encore Dollars in Production. The following awards are presented in Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior in Division I, II & III:

  • Solo – 1st – 5th place awarded. 1st place wins $25 Encore dollars
  • Duo / Trio – 1st – 5th place awarded. 1st place wins $50 Encore dollars
  • Small Group – 1st – 5th place awarded. 1st place wins $100 Encore dollars
  • Large Group – 1st – 5th place awarded. 1st place wins $125 Encore dollars
  • Line / Production – 1st – 5th place awarded. 1st place wins $150 Encore dollars
  • Judges & Critic’s Choice Awards


All Scholarships are selected from competitors.


Re-Performance – Under no circumstances will any dancer be allowed to re-perform any number unless the number has been interrupted by a technical problem on the part of Encore, an electrical failure or any extenuating circumstance on the part of Encore solely, that heretofore is unforeseen. Conditions of a stage are not the responsibility of Encore and will not be considered in the re-performance of a number.

Cancellation/Extension of Showcase – Encore reserves the right to cancel or extend any showcase in accordance with the response of the number of showcase entries. Studios will be notified within three days if the showcase is to be extended. In case of cancellation, all registration fees will be promptly refunded.

Publicity – Choreographers, teachers and performers automatically grant permission to Encore to use their photos and videos for advertising and publicity purposes, inclusive of television, videotaping or film broadcast in connection with promotion campaigns.